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Office Monitoring

Client RequestAnalysis of energy savings in terms of Electrical and Natural Gas consumption with particular attention to the ''smart conditioning'' function managing the on/off switching of the boiler


Installation of the S-Meter to collect energy consumption data from the meterand S-Sensor modules to monitor the temperature inside and outside the building. 

Tests have been conducted to ensure the system efficiency comparing the system consumption during the activity and the shut down.

Client Benefits

It has been noted a significant reduction of the electric energy and of the overall consumption during the entire day. The results surely indicate an improvement of the service due to an optimal management of the system.

The Canavisia system has been installed and set in order to always allow the office staff to operate the heat pumps through manual override in all circumstances.

Thanks to the smart conditioning function the usage of the heat pumps was drastically reduced.

It is believed that this improved functioning is the direct result of a major thermal comfort perceived by the office staff at the beggining of the day.

Case study

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